Judas Cross

Age - 30

Ht - 5' 10"

Wt - 180lbs

Eye Color - Brown

Hair Color - Black

Race - Latino

Celeb Claim - Dave Navarro

Occupation - Front Man for the band Double Cross.
Music Claim - Chris Cornell, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Audioslave

Judas Cross and Double Cross had hit it big time as a rock band. Based out of California, their sound had gained the attention of the crowds worldwide and Judas was soaking up the fame like a sponge. As a musician he had it all, money, fame as well as slaves and free women alike eager to toss a taste his way. Life was thriving for the band and its front man. Funny how it can all change in a flash.

Her name was Crystal Edwards. She told Judas that she was a runaway from New York, hoping to get away from a bastard that nearly beat her to death before she escaped months ago. She also told him she loved his music, his band and that she would do anything join him as one of is road crew. Against his better judgement Judas let Crystal lay low with him. After all she was in dire need....and she was one hot number. It didn't take long before he and his new roadie were hot in heavy under the sheets nightly. Life was good for the two for close for the better part of a year.

Little did Judas know that Crystal was the favorite personal slave to a very prominent businessman in New York. A year had passed before his hunters found out who Crystal was hanging out with and the hunters let the businessman know about Crystal fucking 'that low life tattooed scum singer' in the band Double Cross. The bastard found out that Double Cross was scheduled to play two nights in New York, so a plan was set in motion.

After a finishing the second night in New York City, Judas and Crystal left backstage only to run into the businessman and two of his hunter goons. The judgement was quick, the shot from the man's 9mm rang out and Crystal hit the pavement in a heap. "I don't want the running whore, but I sure as hell won't let a shithole like you have her either." Judas, ready to kill Crystal's killer with his bare hands, got hit from behind by a third hunter with the butt of his shotgun.

After that night Judas has not been the same. Reporting the murder of Crystal yielded zero results. Apparently the clout of a billionaire goes much further than that of a famous musician. After all, the man merely killed his runaway slave. No harm no foul, right? Bullshit.

Judas' sorrow of losing Crystal affected every aspect of Double Cross and after a year of Judas' drinking, drugging and not much in way of songwriting or concert appearances it took some inspiration to get him back into the swing of songwriting. It was time to leave the past in the past and set off to the south

The next day he and the band were stepping off of the plane in Atlanta. It wasn't as big as New York City, but it didn't have the memories of the big apple either. It'll do.