Josephine O'Reilly

A wild Child from the day she was born, Joey ran away from home at the age of 14. Leaving the small town of Freeland Michigan behind she made her way to the big city of Chicago. There she made money anyway she possibly could until one fateful day.

She had been living on the streets for a little over a year when she stole a wallet from the wrong man. His name Charles "Lucky" Luciano an old mobster. The day he caught her snatching his wallet was to be a turning point in her life. The aging underworld player eventually took her in calling her his little devil with an angel's face and introducing her to his entourage as his daughter born to an old lover. The old mobster was a gruff man called by most a bastard but he had a soft spot in his heart for Joey. Luciano became the new father figure to Josephine. Through him she learnt everything she would ever need to know about underworld dealings and life in general. She soon took on her mentors motto for life "What's life without making a little trouble and having some fun....boring damnit" and get into trouble and have fun she did ...eventually getting herself into trouble with the wrong people

She left Chicago to come settle in the City for reasons she keeps mostly to herself. She's not sure what the futur hold for her but she's eager to find out.

I never really envision the finish of anything that I start. It's risk that fascinates, the moment of infinite possibility. It lures me through eternity when all other charms fail.