John Connor

Father: Undocumented, insane, deceased
Mother: Criminally insane, deceased
Foster parents: Dickheads, deceased
Education: Unconventional
Occupation: Underemployed

No siblings, no ties, no nothing.

Lived off the grid with Mom in Mexico up until she got caught. After she was sent to the Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, was briefly part of the system until she escaped and came to find him.

Less said about that, the better.

Off the grid again until Mom died. Brief attempt at a normal life, but it didn't take. Back off the grid for good until that big thing at the joint military project site six years ago.

At Pescadero himself the last six years.

Found himself in the City on 1/1/2008, not entirely certain how. Possible reasons? Beats him.

His ID says "John Smith", no Social Security number.
No residence. No job. No bank account.

He has been able to locate no records concerning himself. Neither has the TCPD.

He is on parole while awaiting trial for assaulting a TCPD officer.

Everything you know is wrong.

OOC - Inventory

6'2", 220, 4% body fat, resting heart rate 32, 4.32 mile.
Scarring: projectile, blade, dentition, and unidentifiable.
ECT doesn't leave visible scars.