A musician by trade, recently extracted from his third marriage (or was it fourth?), and shacking up with Xoe Macey, quite comfortably. A taste for live music, bars, gambling, a buzz, free will, a good time and more, often leads him out and about at random times onto and INTO the streets of The City.

He has an incredible nose for action, whatever that might be. He always carries a switchblade, as much cash as he can, dice and/or cards, and a flask filled with...something. Often, he carries drugs of some sort, and whatever else he thinks he might need for the day or night ahead. Despite appearances, he was a top-notch Boy Scout, and believes in their credo of always being prepared.

Occasionally his big heart causes him to act in ways that seem uncharacteristically good. Remember, even Satan was once an angel.

Stands 5'11" and built like an ex-military man slowly going to hell in a handbasket, which he is.
Age...indeterminate. Flexible, let's say.

Strives for post for post, of course, if that's what one is up for...and says so.

In the end, his overall hobby, addiction, fascination, obsession is...this.

Will this self-admitted former whoremonger, lover of sluts and females in general, stay faithful to Xoe?

Chances are, he will...not only because he's genuinely in love, and lust, with her...but because she is fine with him indulging in ALL his other vices. What man could ask for more?!?