After starring for the Arizona State Baseball team, getting drafted by the Dodgers in the 5th round. J-Rai bounced around the minor leagues for a few seasons, getting traded a couple of times, but always right on the brink of being what he thought to be called up to the Majors. Then just over a year ago, He was sideswiped by a drunk hit and run driver. The Jeep he was driving slammed into a telephone pole. Unfortunately, his four year old daughter (Bayle) was in the passenger seat. She was critically injured, later passing away. The driver of the other vehicle was never apprehended. Shortly afterward, his beloved wife (Lizzie), started to blame him for the accident that claimed little Bayle's life. Things went downhill fast for the two. Finally they agreed upon getting the marriage ended. They ended up selling their home in Scottsdale Az. Sold whatever assets they had, they split the difference, and J-Rai took what he had coming and flew away like a bird in flight. Lizzie was the blonde bombshell that had been His college sweetheart. They'd had a picture perfect life together until the tragedy with Bayle. He was still head over heels in love with her.. His life really took a turn for the worse after that. It wasn't long afterward that He was released by the Organization. With no real skills other than His fading athletic ability, and still with a meager savings. He somehow landed in the Trailer Park. He hasn't resigned himself to the fact that He was on the brink of being nothing more than trailer trash yet. He was just kicking back and clinging to the dim hope that His agent would find some organization that would pick him up. Commonly known as J, or J-Rai STATS: 6'3", 210lbs.