What am I you ask? Hard to say. Even I'm not sure anymore. Where do I come from? Here and there. I was created in a time, far ahead of your own. When people lived on space stations, and other planets besides Earth. I was created, as a weapon. I was a monster. They kept caged, in the dark recesses of the laboratory I was created in. One of many made, but the only one that survived past the incubation period. I'm the only one of my kind. I'm glad for that. The world doesn't need anymore of me. One is far too many as it is.

I've seen so much. In my travels. In the future, here in the present, and once. I was even kidnapped and thrown into the past. An era of dragons and warlords. Knights and Kings. It was strange, but people then seemed to accept me more. Though all timelines have one thing in common. I've found, I make a great target. Whether it be for hunting, for bait, or just for some psycho's shits and giggles. You could say my belief in human kind is dwindling quickly. I tire of being the pawn in a realm of Kings that want all the power. Real power comes from within. Not from bulging muscles and machismo. I tire of the foolish game of humans. Yet I find myself trapped in the middle of most these games.

What am I? You ask again. My answer is still the same. I'm not sure. I am one being, but two faces. The face I was given. I was created with is this:


This is the face of rage, of anger. Of years of pent up hatred. The face of terror to some, and dissapointment to others. She is the face I call the 'Dark Sister'. We are one, but completely different. This is what I was created as. This creature of darkness. An assasain that clings to shadows. That does not care if you are good or evil, black or white. It's only thought is on the inside. You're all the same. Red, fleshy, and easy to tear into. Meat, for the hunter.

The 'Dark Sister' still rears her ugly head on occasion. But now she's more under my control. Thanks to my trip to the past and the abduction by one who tried to siphon her power from me. The joke was on him. All his thirst for power did was give me a boost on evolving into something more.

Then, there is the side that most often you'll see more than the other. The face that came about with Chelsea's help. The one that lived beneath the 'Dark Sister'. The seven foot, (winged at times), velvet skinned, beast, with the four foot spaded, prehensile tail. (See image at top of page.) She is named, Jhada. The full name given to me by Chelsea was : Jhada Cierce. She said it translated to "Jaded Magic". Jaded, I've always been. I'm not so sure on the "magic" part. Chelsea said it was magic, that I was the only one of the group that lived past the invitro stage. She thought I was destined for something great. I feel, I'm destined to be the walking poster child for disaster. Though Chelsea thought me to be an angel:

So you ask? Am I angel? Or am I demon? I say both. We all have our darkness and our light. Mine constantly battle one another. For control. So if I'm a bit bitter, deal with it. I've lived to long to care what people think about me anymore. And I've grown tired of being everyones favorite lab toy. Those that are important to me. Know how important they are. Those that aren't. They'll be aware, or made aware to just stay clear of my path.

As Jhada:

Jhada's skin is metamorphic. She can shapeshift into Wildling at any time. She also has wings that are sheathed beneath that velvet skin. To extract whenever the need arises. The wings are a cloak of protection, for anyone within her grasp at the time should she be in danger. Flame Retardent, and the thickness will take bullets, without letting them pass through to the person beneath. Though it will injure Jhada. The wings are a tough muscular type material. That melt into her flesh when not in use. They can change in density, to be as tough as her hide, or as soft as the down they look to be like. Jhada also has heightened senses, and strength as well as the ability to blend into the shadows. Mild telepathic abilities. Strong regenerative abilities as far as healing goes.

As Wildling:

The first and strongest of Jhada's forms. Wildling is a shadow and darkness based being. With metamorphic abilities beyond the form of Jhada. Talons can be extended and reformed into razor sharp blades. Same with her tail should she not withdraw it in this form. The body is fluid. A form with consistency of tar. (for those sci-fi fans. Think T2 or Clayface from batman. The way the bodys are. Solid but can become fluid where objects can pass through) In this form. Any damage done to it may seem minimal. But in fact, the damage done to this form. Will in fact show on the other two forms. When in the form of Wildling her adrenaline is high, a rush from the rage within. Like a raging beast on a rush. She feels nothing. Until the high drops. Then she will be paying for it. In spades. This form has everything the Jhada form has. Only if she should pull wings from this form they are demonic in appearance. Like black leather dragon wings sprouting from her back. Eyes of crimson. Glow and cut through the darkness, instilling fear in it's prey. Wildling has the ability to pull a persons fear from their minds and strengthen it ten fold. Literally scaring its prey, to death.
(Note:This ability is RARELY if ever used. Because Jhada does not like to use it. So no worries Im not god-moding here folks. Besides It's only used if the other person allows it to be.)

All Forms:

Have the ability to purge poisons from her system through the pores of her body. Her metabolism is far more advanced than any other. If a poison is introduced into her system, and it's one she's been given before it will be purged faster. If however her system hasn't dealt with it. It will take longer for it to assess what it is and purge it from her system.

She has the ability to change her blood. To that of something more acidic during battle. Should one try to pierce her skin. The black tarish hide of Wildling is more lethal. However, sometimes she cannot concentrate enough in the form of Jhada to do so. In the form Of Wildling the blood is acidic. She doesn't need to 'change' it . It's normally that way. In the form of Jhada she can 'shift' halfway. Enough into the 'Dark sister' to have the blood within her change if IF she can concentrate enough on it.

Jhad has been : An officer of the UFSA (space's version of FBI) A stripper, a thief,an assasain,a bodyguard, a spacepirate,and a mechanic among many other things. She's also very talented with hacking and computing skills. Fluent in languages most wouldn't imagine existed. In, past, present, and future. (Reading, writing, and speaking the languages.) She's a quick study and always eager to learn. If you can get past her , untrusting demeanor. There are few she trusts, and even fewer she likes.

Did you know THIS about Jhada?:

***That the body she has now is her second body? Originally her wings could not meld into her. She wore them all the time?

***She's died, twice. And still here she is? Rumours are that when she got her second body. The scientist put a little something extra with it. That if she were to die. Her body could re-generate itself in a matter of days from a single drop of blood.

*** Her biggest fear is living in a cage again.

***When she was originally created she had a 'kill switch'. The scientists that made her wanted to keep her under their control. If she should've gone over the line. They had a back up plan. With the flip of a switch. She could be killed. But the failsafe didn't work. Her original body was created to live no longer than ten years. The lab boys cooked it up if the 'kill switch' failed. The 'experiment' wouldn't last too long on its own.

***When she died because of that short life span. One of the geneticists that knew of her program. Recreated her. She was born from a chrysallis stowed in a lake so she'd not be disturbed until she emerged from her crystallin cocoon.

***That she can feel energy points, ley lines, and the energies in crystals. In fact she siphons off of those energies to help herself heal faster if she's severely wounded. Crystals tend to glow, and hum in her presence should she hold them or walk to close to them.

***You'll rarely ever see her without a glowing blue crystal on a leather cord around her neck, and her dog tags. She never leaves anywhere without them. The crystal is a piece of a place she called home. Taken from the crystal forest on the now destroyed planet CM-899.

***That her second pair of dog tags were left with her once longtime lover. Corie Weston.

***That she can travel dimensions on her own accord, with or without her trusty motorcycle 'Sekiria'.

***She's fluent in languages long since dead and ones you probably won't hear of in your lifetime. She can read, write and speak in all of them.

***That she brought a friend from her time back to Shadow City with her? Pepper Jayes.

***That her eyes change colour with her moods? Crimson=pissed off, Neon Blue=she's in a decent mood, Violet= she's between tearing your head off and trying to calm herself enough not to at the moment. So tread carefully.

***That she's travelled, worked on, lived on, or visited planets that you probably don't even know existed?

***She can pilot shuttles, planes and helicoptors.

***That her new body has not yet been pushed to it's limits so she's not quite certain of the drawbacks or bonuses of it.

***She can lift a car without breaking a sweat.

***That she was once an intergalactic pirate, theif, and assasain.
**this character will in no way be collared, or kept as anyones 'slave'. If you wish to discuss a SL idea please feel free to msg me or mail me at ** Jhada@hyperchat.com

Jhada image copyright @1990. Artwork by Micheal Turner.