Jessi Schultz

Born the only child of a loving and successful couple in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Jessi spent her childhood as a "pampered princess" in every sense of the word. Pampered but disciplined. She was taught the value of hard work, honesty and compassion.
Striking out on her own, Jessi was determined to continue going to college, and in order to do that, she made some choices she will always regret. Jessi found a home in the Slums. It wasn't long before she met the man who would be in her life for a short time as her husband and the father of her precious twins. She also met her forever dearest friend Maggie O'Riordan

Soon she found herself alone to raise her precious babies,Cooper and Caelyn with the help of her friend, the twins' "Aunt Maggie".
As it always does, life throws you exciting curves, and for Jessi that curve came in the form of Bubba Schultz.

The "big scary man" across the street became her friend and then her greatest love. Now Jessi is married to this most wonderful man, Cooper and Caelyn have a loving and wonderful Poppa, a sister, Cara Marguerite, and a new baby brother, Christopher Alessio.

Life is an adventure for the Schultz family. Jessi's time is divided between her family and friends, her businesses, her City Council position and the many charities the Schultz Family Foundation sponsors.
Life is GOOD!!

"The road goes on forever and the party never ends"

Robert Earl Keene