Jessie James the outlaw

Name: Jessie James
Nickname: Firecracker, agent 68, Outlaw
Age: 37
D.O.B. August 4th (yep all Leo)
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Brown/Blond/red
Place of Birth: East London, England
Race (human, mutant, shapeshifter, etc.):Mutant
Powers (if applicable): Fire, flying
Family or Group Affiliation: M16
Talents: Raised as she was, she's fluent in English, German, Russian, Spanish, and basic Italian.
scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, rifle shooting, surfing and snowboarding. She also plays tennis, and golf. And enjoys moonlit walks breaking into stores...
Celeb Claim: Shakira

Brief History ("How I got to NY, the abridged version"): When Jessie was a baby, her parents were killed on a airplane "accident" there was a bomb on board. She survived having been home ill and not along for the ride. Lucky her right? Maybe, raised by her uncle Sir Richard Greenly. He raised her in vibrant culture.Taking her around the world to educate her about other cultures. Jessi has lived abroad, once spending the best part of a year living in Barcelona, Spain, and she has also stayed in the Marais district of Paris, France.

Fate seemed to take another turn of events. When her uncle was murdered before her eyes. Far from home, with him in her arms. What was a girl to do? He passed on a necklace, and a set of keys. Telling her 'don't give up' rushed to the hospital. It was there she met, Agent Stevens. And learned her family were all spies. Having been raised to follow in their footsteps. It was a lot to take in, flown back to their office. She entered her uncles room, looking over photos she's never seen. Photos of her and him, of her parents. Of mysterious people yet to meet. It's a bit much to take in, at any age. Realizing, a busy life and eccentric had progressed her to this.

Becoming top of group, mission upon mission. It was her families death that pushed her on. To sit in her Uncles office, to slowly age. She wasn't easy to get on with. Rather, she worked alone, defied many. Known to set people on fire in rage. Making her at times a risk to all around her. Her life was her work, and her work her life.

Years that passed, she'd met Brandon Vash. Not her normal type of flare, but they shared the same penance for trouble and so much more....Flying out to America for a bit of a visit. She'd learned that he was in the area, bunking up they put their heads together. Soon chaos would exude, she had a vendetta to a certain Guy Gardner. And would not stop until that old git paid for his madness.

After all, what's good without a little evil?