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Born: 1967, in some "goddamn small village".

Parents: Farmers, who worked hard to allow him to study laws at a university.

During his first semester he fell in love with a fellow student, Lynn. Then, university wasn't on the top of the priority list anymore. He and Lynn were going wild together for some months. Lynn started drinking hard and he joined some gamblers.

Soon they ran out of money, and when one day, another gambler offered to pay Jerome's debts for a fuck with Lynn, he agreed. She was so drunken, she didn't even realize what was happening and with whom.

Some days later, another guy came and offered money for the same. As Lynn wasn't half as drunken that day, she started a fight. Badly beaten and terrified, she finally agreed to fuck. From that day on, Jerome whored her out. First he rented her out among his "friends", then on the street too. He left her and the city when she was arrested for prostitution.

Another city, another state - he had some ideas now about pimping, but he knew he had to learn. He went into the bars, until he found the right woman for it. Then he went into some Hood and searched for the master pimp there, asking to learn the tricks. He had to leave his woman behind when he went to another city to become independent, but he had learned most of the tricks by the time. He learned the soothing of lost souls and how to bulldoze them, the ways to hurt a whore so she can walk the street a quarter of an hour afterwards without bruises., and when to give a shit about bruises and hen to mark her.

Next station was this city here - not the Hood, though, at the beginning. He had his bitch, Summer Silvers. Living on one whore didn't provide riches, so he was looking for freelancers to force into his little enterprise.

One he found out was a runaway, who belonged to the Bros in the Hood. He knew the Bros would pay a price for her ... less than she was worth really. That they would punish her severely for running away. But she was his entry ticket to the Hood.

He brought her back, against her begging. He met Randy Black, and learned that some Bros were taken away from the Hood, and somehow he slipped in. He knew he had to be tougher than any black pimp to become a Bro as a white man. The whores learned that he was as cruel to accomplish the goal as a black pimp could be.

He chose Taloola as his bottom bitch. Though she assists in money business, he doesn't treat her much better than the other whores, sometimes humiliating her in public.

And so he runs prostitution in The Hood and woe be to any whore who crosses him.