Jefferson Somerset Wu is the son of immigrants who fish the Gulf of Mexico and its inland tributaries.

His parents had no money,so they sent him to work for their relative Wu Chou Ye,a businessman in The City.

In the City,Jeff worked in his distant uncle's food buffet in return for a stipend,room,board,and tuition to attend the University,a six year agreement.

Jeff was an indifferent cook(to be polite) so he helped with other things,including his uncle's business books.

His uncle,Mr Wu,a naturalized citizen,found the US tax code confusing and offered Jeff an interest free loan to attend law school;Jeff accepted the offer.

Following graduation,he worked for a political firm in Baton Rouge and did well,but did not want to become a Bayou Bobby Baker.

He did his uncle's corporate taxes every year and saved him so much money that Chou offered him an office in his building and the seed money for his own firm.

Jeff(his uncle called him Grits,making fun of his accent but the nickname did not stick.) worked hard and his firm prospered.

Rich families in the City trusted him to run their trusts,from which he received a percentage.

He started to get corporate clients and at present represents a record label,a venture capital firm,several foundations,recording artists,and others.

He does not advertise but practices criminal defense law,administrative agency law,and torts,as time permits.

He was and is the dutiful son of immigrants who did as he was told but feels that somehow,life may be passing him by.He works hard.

He is between relationships.

He has been elected twice to the City's governing council promising pragmatism and to recuse himself in the event of a conflict of interest. He votes but does not advertise his political affiliation.

((Out of character---because I'm not a lawyer,I try to be plausible but don't have the time to research the nuances.This is escapist fun. If my character can assist a story line,please call me.))