Sashaying into the room´┐Ż..the red dress hugs my skin before you, you see a 47 year old married woman of 5'9". weighing about I let my eyes touch yours you notice they are grey-green my black hair is cut short and you can see as the light of the room touches me that I am 34c-25-35. I am the Mistress of the Slut Bordello and Room Owner. My Mail Room is always open and I welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions about the Slut Bordello.
I am open to many different types of scenes and enjoy them in my private room #r-zz69

Limits: I am not very submissive, I like to be in Control of the scene. However, I am not a Domme. Mistress Jeanaletta is my alter ego, and She will Domme select females. I love to give blowjobs

Please MSG me in #r-slutcork or the mail room. I am in the Central Time Zone.
My administrator is ~lil' red ridin' whore~