Hello thanks for taking the time to glance in.
Jazmin Jackson

Who is she?

Honestly it could end up being novel but most in these parts know her.

Or at least "of" her

Jazmin started out in the City, as Jazmin Pale. A woman that came to the city as...

Well� The stories vary depending on who you might ask.

But the rumor she stands by was the high class escort that had stolen money from some rather unsavory types and made her escape to the City to hide out. And to this day she stands by this.

When the chance came around for her to purchased the #r-slumbar(Dame) in the Slum area of the City she did just that and let any "rumors" floating around work in her favor.
And Jazmin started her new life.

There are no slums anymore, that area of town is called the South Side now but you�ll still find the Dame open and Billy is waiting there to serve you.

Jazmin Pale and Marcus Smith had worked hard to clean up the slums area.
Oh trust me it wasn�t just out of the goodness of their hearts, they made a good bit of coin along the way.

Jazmin brought in whores to work the streets, sold guns and what not. Her girls worked the Cities low side while Rogue Thugg with His Hood Rats ran whores in the Hood area.

True� There was definitely no "love" there but ... You can believe she had her fingers over in His space with one of her clubs.

People came, the area grew, the Dame was Good.

Jazmin had quite a few lovers along the way but she�d not honestly allowed herself to get too close to anyone emotionally.

She was enjoying her life, it was exciting, rarely a dull moment.

It helped that Jazmin knew exactly how far she could push the police and nope it didn't hurt having a cop or two in her pocket either.
No worries though Troy, She�d never mention any names.
Then the unexpected happened, someone came into her life and changed ... everything.
(little did she know she was being catfished in rt)

She ended up selling all her properties and her stable. Took her personal property Corinna and left the City under the name of Jazmin Jackson. Her "real" family left behind.

Headed for another relam connected with the City. No need to name it.. it doesn't exist anymore.

Thing is?
YOU can't keep a bad girl down.
The Hubby being busy with His crew as he was, Jazmin stumbled upon DJ Johnson from the City. Oh.. DJ Johnson, he was notorious in his own way in the City and the affair began.

They would meet at shady motels and hotels, till they thought of going into a partnership.
And the idea of the #r-adive(Dive) was born.

But their significant others got wind of thier affair, demanded it end and went to great measures to ensure that it did.

Jazmin's hubby ended up taking her away on holiday. Some holiday that had been � plane explodes and all are assumed dead.

See there?
That�s the trouble with "assuming"

Months later... DJ Johnson sees a news story about a woman that had been found adrift and where still trying to find out who she was since she had amnesia.
(yeah � we did that)

Indeed it was Jazmin Jackson and she was brought back to the City.
((I�m Not going into the "hows" Kiki Her HeartSister had inherited all Jazmin's money and had given it back but it happened!!))

Once Jazmin's memories returned, she started to run Adive. DJ... well... they found each other and where free to be together.

And once again Bobby came to work for her. Together they made the Dive a hotspot there in the RedLight District of the City.

Bands came to play, there were karaoke nights, parties� and they�d ended up being open 24/7.

Whores came and went as they pleased, she kept rooms up stairs for those that couldn�t make it home to touch...

And for those that needed a bit more?
A little dungeon had been built downstairs.

Things where great, they had money, they had lovers.

Hell they even ended up engaged.
But as they say all good things must come to an end.
((my health took me away for a few to many years and DJ left for RT))

DJ Johnson headed to LA/Hollywood area to make movies.
Nope, not the kind you would see at you local movie house. Trust me when I say you might not even find a few of them at your local adult book store.
He loved making them though.

Then she missed Him...
She Sold the Dive
She Sold Plush
She Sold Moments
yes She sold most of her business

And took off one night to join him but the life style ended up being to much for her.

The drugs
The drinking
The women

He changed
She changed

So she ended up leaving, traveled around for a good long while.
Until now � Here she is.

Time will tell if the old saying is true about "going home"

This is a ct of the #r-9thcork(City RPG)....