Thank You for peeking at the homepage..

I have pledge my heart to Apollo..
He knows of my names
understands who i am

I've been around SoI over 14years.. been hit and miss most of the last few years due to my health.. which is doing much better.. ~smiling~...

I do not respond to rude posts or to anyone that touches me without asking or at least flirting with me first... even tho I have a capped name doesn't mean i'm a top.. this one is very much a submissive... so please do not expect me to Dommie You... it is not in me...

and please do not use my mailroom because my whispers are off.. when i'm in a room visiting with others... there is a reason my whispers are off.. why not come in and visit too..

Our home is #r-belaya.. please feel free to come and visit.. if you have a collar.. it is respected... and hope those enjoying the room will respect it too.. We will be very happy to block those that just can't understand how to visit anymore...

Again... Thank You.... for peeking!!