name: Jakob Donner
age: 37
height: 6'3"
weight: 215 lb.
hair: brown
eyes: gray
occupation: by arrangement
convicted: 19 January 2004
felony murder
felony assault
multiple counts
release: 9 October 2006
procedural technicality
kinks: hard and rough

Only did two years of a handful of consecutive 44-year sentences. A crusading young public defender got outraged enough at a corrupt system that she was willing to get even a guy like him sprung on some technical improper police procedure thing.

First thing he was sprung, he raped her.


Once sprung, he hauled for the DSC long enough to learn what it took, set up independent operation of Donner Carting, Wrecking, and Demolition, and these days is just the kind of guy you'd figure to be head of the City Teamsters Local 212, located on City Pier 3, #r-pier3.

You need anything got rid of, you know where to go.