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Hello. Thanks for dropping by. Please forgive me but I'm in the process of expanding this page.

Current situation:
I live in the UK about 20 miles north east of London, in a town called Harlow. I have lived here for almost 6 years, the remainder of my family live close by, only 20 minutes drive to the south east. I recently got married to a wonderful young woman from Ohio. I own a company, which I guess makes me a company director, and I run another business too. A busy man, but the money makes up for it!!!

I attended full time education until the age of 19, when I failed the first year of my degree course. Until that point I had achieved the following results, upto the age of 16:

Then in further education, to the age of 18: In defence of these poor results, I did contract German Measles on the morning of the chemistry practical exam, and was not allowed to sit it. My results were based on course work, but unfortunately I was rather exhausted when it came time to sit the written tests.

Since leaving school I have gained a diploma in computer literacy (whatever that means!!!), and continue to further myself by reading personal growth books.

My other interests include:

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