Name - Jacqueline LePlum
Claim - Isabelle Adjani
Avatar -URL
Age - 22
Vampire age - 442
Status - Master (Approved by Nicodeme)
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 120 lbs
Hair - Black/Brown
Eye color - Brown but known to wear blue contacts
Race/Faction - Vampire (Belle Morte)
Occupation - None currently
Siblings - None
Parents - Deceased
Skills - Able to leap small buildings in a single bound... Just kidding...chuckles
Minor Manifestations - Orgasmic Bite, Infect with Lust, Voice Touch, Create Love
Master Manifestations - Ardeur
(All minor powers are aspects of the ardeur)
Harness sexual energy and feed from it, feed remotely.
The ardeur is ADDICTIVE. Period. If it is used on someone too frequently they will become addicted.
Call to Animal - Leopard

Jacqueline was born to parents of moderate means on June 5th, 1767.
She did well in her studies and also attended The Opera National De Paris well into her 20th year.
Due to the current state of the country (1794), Desperate measures were taken to ensure their daughters safety in way of a stranger met late one evening when the family fled after dinner to a safe haven of sorts in an abandon building.
Vincent Perez was only in Paris briefly to check into a purchase of the building and came across the three. It was agreed he would take her to Spain and her parents would follow soon thereafter once the family business had been closed, and their financial security ensured for travel.
Three months time would pass before she would discover her parents had been killed and the reason would remain a mystery for many many years to come. Little did she know that the man left charge of her safety WAS the reason behind their demise.

The betrayal....

Vincent Perez being a direct descendant of Viscount De Mori�ve assumed to be vampire, a once French nobleman who had fled to Spain shortly after being discovered for what he was, narrowly escaping the wrath of the mob plotting his beheading.
And this would only be the first time he would be faced with such an ordeal.
Viscount was "supposedly" killed a few years after arriving to Cartagena. Soon after his burial, a number of unexpected deaths occurred. According to reports, each and every one bore distinctive "markings".
These accounts continued for years. Finally after the urging of a bereaved family member insisted upon it, the authorities did investigate the charges that he was believed a vampire. The vault was opened.
While other corpses had undergone the expected decomposition, that of the Viscount was still fresh and free of decay. The face was flushed and there was blood in the heart and chest. New nails had grown and the skin was soft. This time he would not escape his fate, his true death coming about six weeks time into Jacqueline's guarding.
Having been left alone without his maker to guide him Vincent was in dire straits for worthy companionship and he found it in Jacqueline. Her parents now dead at his order, he would bind her to him for eternity.
She would continue her life as she had as a human, her time spent developing her craft of dance further until she was secure within herself to open her own establishment of creative dance there in Spain.

Only after Vincent was discovered and killed would she find herself fleeing to America.
Soft warm breezes awaited on the coast of California. Her studies and love of the arts tarnished, her heart cold and frail. She would find a sense of peace within the Inn she opened to occupy her time and a new chapter would begin within the Crimson Tears.
The bloodline would indeed continue , friendships binding to last a lifetime and well beyond.

Tera MacRyan
Under the employ of Jacqueline LePlum and born for the second time by her after being stabbed by an unknown attacker when leaving the Crimson Tears in the early 1800�s.

Luis Enyoka
Close friend of Tera MacRyan birthed by her for the second time after finding out he was dying of TB in the mid 1800�s.

Sean Talbert
Born for the second time by Luis Enyoka in the late 1800�s after finding him half beaten to death in a local bar.

Steffen Cambridge (Talbert)
A wealthy landowner who lost everything including his humanity to Sean Talbert in the early 1900�s.

Victoria Kingston
Wed to Steffen Cambridge Talbert, Victoria born for the second time by Steffen after the birth of their daughter Elizabeth, Victoria was killed a few years later at the hand of a rogue.

Gregory Talbert
Offspring of Elizabeth and a rogue vampire, Elizabeth died giving birth.

Alice Mason (human)
Wed to Gregory Talbert

Victor Alberton(human)
Alice Mason�s lover� , Gregory Talbert agreeing to the joining of Alice and Victor because Alice desperately wanted a child he could not give her.

Angelica Talbert
Born December 12, 1987, reborn of Steffen Cambridge (Talbert) April, 2010.

There comes a time when ties must be reunited beyond the touch of mind, such is what brings Jacqueline to the Chateau.
Or is it? ...