Isaiah Doom (professional name)
Isaiah Donovan (Birth Name)
Celebrity- Colin Farrell
Height- 6'
Weight- 195
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Brown
Skin - Caucasian

Lycan Aging
Improved Health/Healing
Improved Strength
Improved Senses
Improved Speed

Fast Shift (Animal)

Control Change in Others

Developing partial shift

Occupation- Stunt man/stunt driver/demolitions expert/general crazy fall from building and get blown up kinda guy

Brief History- Recently infected in England by a bite in a bar brawl he has had a difficult time adjusting to the change and is still green to being a shifter. Originally from Seattle, Washington he has decided to return, but with a new friend Indianna. He met her in Dublin and she has been his saving grace through the changes he is experiencing. He has now returned to Seattle to try and re-insert himself into the life he lived before the infection.

Since returning to Seattle he has met with his fiance who subsequently was disgusted by learning that he was a shifter. In an emotional reunion, she has shunned him and deemed him a monster incapable of love. Having moved on he has inserted himself into the Penumbra. Isolated for so long he left the embrace of Indianna Bishop and moved into the Penumbra society and actually has found solace in its midst. The Goddess has been speaking to him and in Lara's counsel he has found position. He has been given the position of Vevious, bringer of mass retribution, given his tendency to get things completed when set upon a task and his hatred towards those who are prejudice against their kind. He continues to be a loner, he continues to self isolate and is mostly found out in the woods in his shed doing what he does best. He spends a lot of time around Piper, she amuses him and makes him smile.