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Striding into the room, clad in black leather...

Glancing around the softly lit study...looking into the shadows...Smiling ...walking over to settle into My large, overstuffed leather chair... near the hearth of the roaring fireplace...

...Greetings My friend... So you want to know a little more about Me... hmmmmmmmmmmm...?

D.O.B. 6/19/48
ORIGIN: Pacific Northwest
5'-10"..200 lbs. Brown, wavy hair... silver goatee, mustache... green eyes and a penchant for late nights and too many hours online *Smile*

Likes: Sweet submissive girls, the feeling of smooth skin, the sound of rain, chocolate and strawberries, the sound of my crop on soft flesh, good conversation, imaginative people, my work in multimedia. Dislikes: Imposters, rude posters, impatience in a sub, and unskilled Masters

My path is a bit different from most... I have discovered the dominant side of Myself a few years ago, and have for years explored the limits of pleasure.. *smile* ...having discovered this aspect of My desires, investigated here some time ago and have become a permanent resident at State. Believing that sharing my skills is a positive and pleasurable thing, I seek others who would share the exploration of the limits of pleasure and anticipation.

I believe training is nothing more than learning to focus, tolerate and relish extremes, of both pain and pleasure... some Masters work on both, others concentrate at the extremes.. my interest is in the extremes of pleasure accentuated with pain... through focusing certain senses and restricting others... and perhaps a bit of the crop... restraints... and small toys to sharpen the senses...I have studied the mystical and magical arts RT for some 30 years, and have been a follower of the Tantric belief system for most of them.

Tantra..hmmmmm.. a 4,000 year old system of beliefs... that we experience the instantaneous creation our own reality through the use of our sensory energies.. that we "perceive the projection" of our physical reality from the depths of our imagination... using the energy essence of our eternal souls to create life experiences for the extended pleasureable excitation of our senses and our bodies.... and to maximize that pleasure.. whether with learning, sex, food, wine, comforts of all sorts.. full enjoyment of these things aid the progress on the path to enlightenment.......

Tantra postulates that the energy we create with deepest of our sensual desires is the source of all creativity and reality... the source of our concrete, physical world.. and when the creative words spill from One unthought... fingers moving as if prescient wielding the brush or pen... the mind clear and quiet... that is the true state of creative flow.. in the moment... and tantric practices helps One find it often... it is a blissfull, profound experience.. as it is from the heart.. flowing in a natural way... not obstructed by any attempt to say what One thinks should be said ..but to say what One feels... and to open Oneself to anothers needs and desires.

And as the moment flows... reality is woven from the strands of of our imagination and crystallized into actuality by the fire of our passion, the crucible of our needs forming the mold of our experiences and the shape of our life.