Born: Kevin Iain Kilmister
Date of birth: June 4 1959
Place of Birth: Stepping Hills Hospital Stockport England
Height : 5:10
weight : 190 lbs
eye colour: grey
Hair colour : black
Kevin Iain Kilmister born to a deeply religious family, at about 3-6 months of age his father, Kevin Sr up and left the family in dire straights.
This contributed heavily to his hatred of religion and men of the cloth.
Raised in an all boys school where corporal punishment was liberally used and often Kevin was a recipient for being vocal and opinionated.
At age 10 he became interested in music, girls. Somewhere between age 10-12 he saw Jonas Smith and that's when he learned to play guitar,sing.
By the age of 14 he was good on the guitar, heavily into rock n roll, girls and now drugs specifically amphetamines to keep him going.
His mother could not control him and his father was no where to be seen so he became a wild child, playing harder faster than the other people.
Live fast die young was the catch phrase. Drugs,women and rock n roll. In and out of bands through out the late seventies, but nothing seemed to click till 1980 when he changed his name, dropped Kevin and changed kilmister to killmaster as a snub to his father and fronted his own band Kill Master.
He switched to bass guitar as a trio they hit the ground running " ace of spades " catapulted them into the spotlight and followed up with the " the chase is better than the catch. "
The gravely voice, the harder than hard sound pounding out the speakers became a trademark of the band
The live show was raw intense balls to the wall power. They toured and toured and toured while most bands we starting to tour to promote albums they released albums as reason to tour.
On tour Drugs,booze,women any and every desire they ever wanted thrown at them and they par took of the gifts, snorting shooting,drinking, fornicating any and everything they could, all while playing harder faster louder than anyone else.
Through out the 80,90's Kill Master was rocking the stages,arena's living fast playing hard. Maybe not the forefront because they were not the flavour of the moment.
They refused to be anything but who they are LOUD, HARD, thus they fell out of the main stream to rap hip hop and dance, but they keep playing and touring.
rolling into the City just another town just another show.
They had a seven day layover and he was suppose to fly to England but something kept him in the city.