Hunter Jamison

If I look familiar then perhaps you recognize me from the trade press, and you recall that I was the hottest thing on the international runway in 2004. I was also happily domestically partnered.

Well, I thought it was happy.

He left, out of the blue. Plenty of times. I don't blame him. He's smart, I'm not. He's interesting, I'm shallow. He's monogamous.

I used to be monogamous.

Good rehab, good shrink, good accountant, good lawyer. I could be doing a lot worse.

I still do runway and print. I can be booked through my agent, Hank Ryan.

I married my business partner in December of 2007.

I co-own #r-sodom(a nightclub), with my current husband, who behaves exactly the same as my first one - with the same arrangement.

Die young, stay pretty.

150 lbs for summer runway, 185 lbs when working out
Naturally blond. Usually dyed, but usually dyed some version of blond
Jade-green eyes, sometimes mistaken for hazel