Greetings reader:

I am evolving.
(I am fire)


Dust floats
on the wind,
is this were I've gone to?

Dust lights
on surfaces
in the crisis aftermath.

Dust remains
when all else fades
and becomes memory.

Dust is the who
that I've become
sliding into the cracks...

Fire and irons
have left behind
with it's many forms...

of loss.
(Sound of Silence)

I am an older woman, just under 6 foot tall, wide hipped and not afraid to admit it.
Know that I am a Very private person who shares little personal information with strangers
and acquaintances, beyond polite conversations.
And Most important to know:
All in r/t is under R/t's control and Nothing is hidden from Him.
He has access to everything, private and public chats, regarding myself and others.

There are a set of personal rules of behavior I follow:
I will not lie to others... nor for others.
Nor will ole' Dust (aka fire) become involved in online dramas.
Efforts to do so will place the person on my ignore list.
Will not discuss in a negative fashion, any dominant or person from my past...
in any way, shape or form... as r/t protocols dictate.
Regarding unsolicited touch - If you wish to touch or hug, ask ahead and seek confirmation
(this also is heavily influenced by r/t interactions)

Again, do not touch or approach without direct and expressed permission.

Do I scene?
Yes, though not often because of the negotiation process,
feel free to politely ask me "why?".
-Will only top in a scene on occasion with those who know me Very well and vise versa.
-When in a discussion always endeavor to utilize active listening skills learned
during the many years of r/t BDSM interactions.
-It is wise to keep in mind that the BDSM world is taken seriously by myself.
It is not a game or diversion from life,
instead it is a very intense and actively lived lifestyle choice.
-And once a relationship is established, actions between myself and the other will involve
RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) vs SSC (Safe, Sane Consensual) interactions.
-If you witness a situation which appears non-consensual involving myself or others, the assumption is incorrect.

If unsure regarding the meaning of anything above, feel free to ask.
Appreciate that you've taken the time to read this page, Thank you.

D ust

also use the nickname
f ire