Name: Harley A. Catastrophe What are you?: Reluctant fairy and doer of good things that tend to backfire and cause terrible repercussions Archetype (you can choose more than one, but give us a basic idea of your role in storylines): Cause a disturbance and make bad decisions, try to help others but fail miserably Age: mother says I'm 38 one day and the next she says I'm 83...I think she might be dyslexic Celeb Claim: Michelle Trachtenberg Abilities: light magic, I cannot give you 1000 gold but I might be able to heal your broken toe Weaknesses: Chocolate and rabbits Inspiring Story: A Dream is a wish your heart makes. Why are you in Shireham?: I'm here because I must do three good things to maintain my privileges in the Fairy Kingdom. And to find my daddy. Once Upon A Time...: Once upon a time a lovely fairy named Tatianna Catastrophe met an incorrigible young human male named Henry the Bold. And he so was! Before she had a chance to even find out his background, he had knocked her up and left town. I am the product of that indiscretion, part human, part fairy, completely befuddled. After much angst about my mixed heritage growing up, I have ventured out of my comfort zone to come searching for dear old dad.