Hard Rain

Hard Rain is a fantasy character (much like the character played by Daniel Craig in the latest incarnation of the James Bond franchise) who allows Me to play out scenes before taking them to real time.

Neither the character Hard Rain nor the Man behind the keyboard is a sadist but both will use you hard.

In reality, the Man is 5'4" and in His mid 50s although He likes to think that His genetic inheritance is such that He looks a decade younger. He has a dancers body and a sensual mind.

He enjoys all forms of soft play almost as much as He does flogging you and dressing your breasts.

Something of an odd additon to this page but I started out with a Vietnam clip using Dylan's "It's a hard rain gonna fall" (for obvious reasons) ... but that clip led Me to a clip of a fashion plate electric violin player, and that clip led me to this one; works for Me.