I'm Har, owner of SOI-room szstall.

First: this page is in english because most Germans can read english, especially within SOI, but not vice versa.
However my mother tongue is German.

Some information about me:
Gender: male
Age: 47
Height: 1,90m (6'25")
Weight: 95 kg (210 lbs)

I'm from southern Bavaria, Germany, in SOI since 1997.
I've some bdsm-reallife experience, after 5 years marriage again solo.

slaves that want to attract me will spend time in my realm. They will take care of the room and will serve to the best of their abilities. This will seperate 'playgirls' from one who is serious about her wish to submit and I will take a closer look then.
submissives who only drop by when the Master's around and are not seen else will not be put into consideration for further training.

What I'm looking for are women, who like to submit in various ways.
This includes girls who feel the wish or the need to be held as a pet or pony.
What I like is some sort of a challenge and a descriptive response from the subs approaching me. One can please me more by giving me her honest thoughts insted of attempting to anticipate me.
It won't work anyway
Every girl is a unique treasure who needs to be revealed in a particular way to keep her genuine.
And so are you ... ;)
I'm more interested in developing some sort of tingling 'mind-connection' over the time than in just spanking and fucking for an evening.

If you want to attract me rather come to my room as the girl you are with all your hesitations, reservations and fears instead of a ready wrapped-up virtual beeing you imagine I'd probably like to have.

Further I like to tie and dress up the girls myself. So if you're not sure, better come in jeans and a blouse instead of a ponygear you imagine.
I will put that off you anyway and replace it be my own one ...

Some rules to set things straight, developed from experience:

  • I will not not take orders from subs.
  • I have my own rules and will teach my slaves in my own unique way
  • I'm not exclusive for anybody
  • I will not toss away my own collared subs, except for punishment. Once one of my slaves comes in I will greet and integrate her into a scene, if I want to - and it's very likely I want. So guests not willing to share my attention should think twice before dealing with me.
  • Jealousy will not be accepted
  • I'm not a jump 'n run player. My play is meant to develope. It needs time to grow