Hey there, I'm Hank Ryan, the one in the middle with the dog.
I'd say I was the good lookin one, but then how could anyone tell who was who huh??
I'm just this normal, average Joe. Well, Joe is Joe, Im Hank.. never mind, try not to get confused.
So I'm living in L.A., its a good town for a Talent Agent to live in right? Right. All the right people, all the right scenes, all the right parties and connections and so on and so on. It's the right town to be in right?
Wrong!! Not if you hate 3 hour commutes, drive by shootings, smog thicker than pea soup and Bitchy Prima Donna stars. Ok.. maybe I don't hate Bitchy Prima Donna stars. I mean, that's how I make my living, I LOVE Bitchy Prima Donna stars. Just as long as they are making the money and paying it to me.
So Im living in L.A., just me and Sarge ( the dog ) and it's not a bad gig but getting outta town wouldnt kill us neither. I happen to have this client. His name is Joseph Moreno, the Joe I mentioned eariler?? Yes, that Joe. He's a great guy, really good actor. He's got talent and could go somewhere with it. But where he wants to go isnt into Hollywood lime light. No, Joe likes these Independent Films. " Meaty rolls, I can really believe in" He says. Ok. That's what he wants, that's what he gets. I'm His agent after all. "Hey Joe, Have I got a part for you." I say. Thus begins the saga of how Me and Sarge came to the city.

Joe's big roll is in this Indie film called " THE GATES OF HELL." Just let your imagination run wild on that one. The production company finds this remote village in South America. They bribe officals to get the proper or almost proper paperwork to get the cast and crew thru the borders and past the very unstable militant border gaurds. (Every one smile nice to the men with the assualt rifles.0 Well, it wasnt more than a couple days into production when Joe calls me frantic. "Hank, this was soooo not in my contract. Man, you gotta get down here. There are scorpians in my bed and no electricity after 8 pm. Man, you GOTTA get down here." I like travel. I pack a big ole care package of food stuffs and good booze and head down into what seems like the literal Gates of Hell. Turns out it was the best thing I ever did.
I stayed on set for the duration of the shoot, most my work is done by phone and I got to buy this really cool satalite phone to go down there so I was all set work wise. Play wise I was about to find out just how set a man could be. Indepentent Films means Independent people working on them. This particular bunch are the cream of the crop. ( ok, no sick thoughts about creaming from a cropping. *Ok,* maybe a few sick thoughts about that. ) Joe's working with actors and stunt men and producers and directors and all kinds of back stage people, make up artists, set designers, even an onsight tutor for the kids.
Ive just met the greatest group of guys and we spend these long months in the jungle,laughing, drinking, sweatin our asses off and just having one hell of a time. Production ends and it's time to go, well we barely made it out alive when the civil uprising accured and now we need a new place to call home.

This is looking like home boys.

Well Folks, time marches on and people come and go. You never stop loving the ones you love no matter how far they roam.. Geez Im starting to sound like a country and western singer only without the voice. So as I was saying, time marches on and new people, well, old people, but new to the moment people come into your life or back into your life as the case maybe. I think Im rambling here, I'll get to the point.
See we lost Crash and Derek to greener pastures, Joe to a new lover and that left Conn and Me.. I couldnt have asked for a better one to stay. He's the love I never knew I was entitled to have.. and I do. And its wonderful.
But neither of us are loners and Im a mother hen.. yes, Im the mom of the house if you've been keeping up with the story. Conn would be the big daddy but all the kids have flown the coop. Not to worry, I dragged home more. Now we have two adorable boys living under our wings, Davey the wild indian boy and Jamie the quiet sultry one. They are both in the industry so we make quite the happy little family.
Its still home boys..