Hamilton Burger

U.S. Attorney Hamilton "Ham" Burger is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense, straight-arrow prosecutor.
The former City District Attorney is a law-and-order advocate
who believes criminals should be prosecuted to the maximum.

A graduate of Baylor Law School in Texas, Burger started his career
as a city attorney in Waco. From Waco, he moved to the Dallas
District Attorney's office where, as a young ADA, his conviction rate
was the highest in the state, with the fewest reversals.

When he came to the City, he faced a corrupt police department,
organized crime moving in from the outside, and the powerful
Bros who enjoyed untouchable autonomy over crime in the Hood.

Not one to shun danger or run from a fight, he served with the Army Rangers.
His actions won him a Purple Heart and a Silver Star.

Active in Republican politics, and with his Texas roots, Burger was a
vocal supporter of President George W. Bush.
If the Republicans win the 2016 election, it is believed that Burger
will be this great nation's next Attorney General.