Hal Riker

Used to be a night watchman. His story is that he was set up. The arresting officer's story was that he was guilty as sin.

He's been shot and assaulted. He's been in prison. He's been in protective custody.

He's been cleared of all charges, he sued the prison for the attack he experienced within prison custody, and he got an 800k settlement. He bought a couple things, including paid off his mama's house for her. Minus charges, taxes, and lawyer fees, he has it invested at 6%, which means he makes about 16k a year off it after taxes, which isn't exactly living large.

So he went looking for a job. Was a bouncer at the Classy Lady for a while, and then got the messed up idea to apply as a prison guard to bust the heads of some Aryans. A clerk at the prison with a sense of humor hired him on. He did shift work at Gull Island and got him some satisfaction.

Onward and upward. Officer Riker is now a member of the City's Finest, TCPD.

6'5", 250 lbs.
Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin.
Several identifying tattoos.