Due to the nature of the show, as well as the co-hosts,
be assured there is high security around the station,
when they are present.

From the set up of the studio, to their personal appearances
there is always a private security force - often unseen- around them.

Their studio is at the far end of a long hall,
the opposite end from the elevators.
The Green Room and their offices right beside it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC Note:

If you wish to call into the show, or appear as a guest please email TheVue-99.9WCTY with your name and any pertinent information regarding your wishes. All serious requests will be given "air time" as we have available.

Their Security force is played by NPCs not belonging to anyone other than these co-hosts. Please do not attempt to play one without the expressed permission of The Vue or it's co-hosts.