Legends are made, that is an accepted fact, but in those rare instances sometimes a Legend is a living fact, a work in progress, a legend that is growing everyday out of its very existence.
Such is the legend of the Dark One, The Powerful One, The Healer, Gregori of the Carpathians, the Legend's name, to describe such a Legend as deep and strong, as wonderfully compelling, so intensely handsome in his masculinity as this living legend is to speak in often hushed tones of one that is aloof, yet there always in your mind.

It is to speak in whispers of his past, one riddled with conflict and loss, and a struggle to survive. As each age ticks by, from the age of man when man lived in blissful ignorance of the ills of even the most simple of his desires, desires to conquer, to possess, to be in control of all that man could see, sense or long for.
To grow into an age when man still in technology strives to be the conqueror and destroy all that they do not understand is to walk then the path of this Legend's feet as they have strolled through each century.

He came once from a village, in the simpler times, the times of Medevial man, a time when he and another had become leaders of a race of people that held humanity in highest regards, befriended them even, but that ended in one harsh stroke.
Huns invaded with the help of the Vampires, in the height of the noon day sun, they entered a village, his village, of these peaceful ones and destroyed, slaughtered entire family lines.
Only a few escaped to repopulate the race of this people, and it is because of this, since that time, Gregori has grown more and more aloof.
His only friend, his only connection with sanity in his Prince. For Gregori is truly Carpathian, and male, oh yes indeed, with passions that can either raise themselves to heights of ecstacy or when he feeds, if he allows himself to go too far, can take him down to the darkest depths of what for him would be a hell.
A shapeshifter, a controller of minds, eternal being, immortal seen by mortal ones, powerful in ways that cause a mere human to fail in their defenses.
His gaze can command, his voice in even a whisper can compel, the very sight of him is enough for mere mortal women to be enthralled, but he walks alone, for him there can be only one.
Females of their species became more rare and rare as centuries slide by, as they give birth to far more male than female children. Hunters are trained to seek out and destroy the vampires that once were as this Dark One, but to the thirst and the thrill of the kill had finally succumbed. Thereby, in the eyes of the Carpathians, making them an abomination. Gregori is as powerful if not more so than any of these, but he sees no color, he feels no emotion, his world is a world of black, grey and white, a world where he rarely allows himself the luxury of feeling at all.
For him now each day has become a struggle to survive, to not give in to that dark force that as each age creeps by becomes more and more a weight for his shoulders to bear.

His Prince had found his life mate and with their bond a female child was conseived, a shining light of hope for the Dark One�s soul.

They were bound even before her birth, was it fate or divine intervention? Both perhaps.

Even while in her mothers womb he had reached out to her, the white healing light touched the distressed babe giving comfort as wounds were healed binding them even closer.

After her birth he stayed in her company taking on the form of a wolf, it becoming a dear friend in her hours of sadness and joy.
She loved and confided in him sharing her deepest fears and desires, she never had a clue her wolf was in fact, her intended life mate, a secret that would remain just that as far as he was concerned.

At the age of eighteen she went to her wolf with a heavy heart, tears welled in her eyes as she spoke her good byes, she desperately needed time to grow and come into her own before she ventured into a life with Gregori was to happen.

The agreement reached between herself and the hunter/healer would test him beyond anything he had ever known before, but their time would come.

As he made his way through the parking lot through the sea of humans, his pulse raced; finally, he would claim what was rightfully his. The light to his darkness, his other half, his salvation.