Name: Gabriel Amor
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200
Build: Muscular
Occupation: Owner of Rendezvous, a BDSM matchmaking website

Celebrity Claim: Andrei Andrei


Gabriel had the typical childhood complete with both parents in the picture, sibling rivalry with an older brother, a dog and yearly family vacations. And so, one must ask, where did his interest in alternative lifestyle come from and what made it so strong that he decided to make a living out of it? He was introduced to it the second year of college when a girlfriend at the time showed him her favorite movie, The Story of O. They started off playfully acting out various kinks and their most heated fantasizes but the more they did the more serious they began to take it until they were deeply involved; him as her dominant and her as the willing submissive.

Their relationship lasted throughout the rest of college until they graduated and she went to chase her dream of being a journalist on the other side of the country and he found a job in website design at a local business. Within six months after their separation he found himself longing once more for the dynamic they had. It wasn't merely the sexual aspect of the relationship but also the mental and emotional feelings that come from it. He tried an alternative lifestyle club but it was too out in the open for someone that has always been private and preferring to get to know someone well before attempting to scene with them.

And so, he reached a cross roads, date women who may or may not be interested and reveal his kinks to them over dinner or find a comfortable place where like minded individuals would like to chat and get to know one another before opening themselves up for a power exchange. He decided on the latter and put his skills in web design to good use, forming Rendezvous, a BDSM matchmaking website. Rendezvous works similar to eHarmony and other online dating websites that match two individuals together based on levels of compatibility, only instead of merely matching couples based on education, romance, hobbies and careers it also matches them based on their BDSM needs. Also on the website are chat rooms and a forum for members to discuss BDSM related topics. Members have access to private chat rooms to meet up with their matches and hold conversations on a private online level before making telephone calls or meeting up in person.

Rendezvous is pro safe, sane and consensual and is a healthy, adult website for those who want to ease into alternative lifestyle at their own time and pace. This is where He eventually met celestial; a shy eighteen year old first year college student with fantasies and desires that she didn't have a proper name for. She stumbled across Rendezvous in a search engine, paid the fee to gain access to the whole site and within ten minutes was sucked into a world that she had only dreamed about before then. He was the first person to greet her in one of the chat rooms and while helping her to set up her profile for the compatibility search he noticed that they had several things in common. The more they talked the more he enjoyed her and that is what started them on the road to eventually making real life contact. They hit it off from the first date, the first kiss and the first clutch of a strong hand in silken hair. After six months she moved in with him and now after a full year of bliss they are engaged to be married.

She helps run the website and takes care of the secretarial duties, they are lovers, Dominant and submissive and soon to be husband and wife.