Fux lil mouths

("lil" is a term of endearment. Get over it.)

Decidely Male, Decidedly Heterosexual - Thank you for looking.

I find Myself roleplaying less and less while I greatly enjoy the stories told to our minds and bodies through pictures and video clips. I strongly prefer to chat about real sexual desires and experiences while viciously defending everyone's privacy. I post many images and videos in public, but will not chat publicly much at all. At soi, my real conversations usually take place in Whispers, the Mailroom, or in a private room. The privacy lends an arousing intimacy I greatly enjoy. Unfortunately, non-citizens will find it difficult to get to know Me.

I maintain the room #r-fuxem. Feel free to drop by, whisper, or use soi's Mail.

My tumblr.

"It's not about you sucking My cock. It's about Me claiming your mouth as Mine; to use."

(( ... a specific, fetish character of Deliberate Hand...))