~frannie~ AKA ~slave frannie~

she is 5'4� tall, around 125#, measurements are 36c-27-38, very long curly strawberry blonde hair and radiantly green eyes. she will be found most often nude with her sex waxed smooth or trimmed neatly.
This girl is firmly rooted in her Irish heritage and her Celtic beliefs are the driving force in her life and guide her down life's path.
her home at SOI is #r-carnalpl(Carnal Pleasures Club & Dungeon) and will be found there frequently or her new Home at her Goddess's Villa, #r-islandhm(Island Home).

This girl is lesbian so if you are of the male persuasion please save your efforts for others that are insterested in male company, she has no desire for male company, but most of all, she has a new "Goddess" that has her restricted with no sexual encounters unless they are in one of H/her private rooms so her Goddess can inspect it. her Goddess has renewed the sluts life and she sees a most wonderful future ahead for T/them. the girl is owned completely by her Goddess Yvette, and she would have it no other way.

Over the years though many hours of training and experience she has become a needy pain slut that has few limits, enjoys new experiences and harsh BDSM, D/s play. But also has a softer side that needs cuddles, kisses and just simple girl on girl play.

But strongly believes as a sister once told her,

"Any hurt if erotic and for enjoying pleasure is not hurt but the sweet ache of the spirit".

my hard limits include:

no men, no scat, kids, animals, snuff, blood or any thing in violation of SOI rules, state or federal regulations.

If you have any questions feel free to ask or message her Owner if Y/you have questions.

(this homepage is a work in progress, keep checking for added/different information)