Frankie's back in town!

The City's own Frank Cavallo is back in his hometown at last. The grammy-award-winning recording artist, vocalist, and composer has recently been spotted around town again. Rumor has it that he's looking for someplace to put down roots locally, even though he maintains his house in Beverly Hills.

It's not known yet whether the former model Marie Christine O'Connell, Cavallo's wife of 15 years, will be joining him. The couple's stormy relationsip shows no sign of letting up, and rumors of divorce have been flying through all the trade press. Little wonder, given the singer's scandalous public behavior, which also shows no sign of letting up.

Francis Xavier Cavallo was born in the City, and met his future wife in grade school. They were married after he graduated from the Manhattan School of Music in 1994, and have been together ever since, despite numerous separations.

He was also signed by Columbia Records upon graduation, and his first album for the label, Why Didn't We?, went gold in the United States in 1995. He acquired a reputation in romantic jazz and swing because of extended stays at high-profile New York venues.

For his 1997 release Ain't Love Grand, Cavallo recorded original love songs, touring the United States and Europe with a full symphony orchestra backing him and his pianist in each city. He released Come Fly With Me his first album of big band standards, in 1999, and embarked on a world tour visiting the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.

In March 2001, Cavallo starred in a television production of South Pacific with Glenn Close, televised on the ABC network.

A collection of 1950s and 1960s ballads, Only You, went Top Ten on both sides of the Atlantic and was certified gold in the United States in March 2004. The Only You tour with big band went on in America, Australia and a short trip to Asia. Only You was certified platinum in November 2004.

He starred in the Broadway revival of The Pajama Game, produced by the Roundabout Theater Company, along with Michael McKean and Kelli O'Hara, at the American Airlines Theatre in 2006. It ran from February 23 to June 17, 2006, including five benefit performances running from June 13 to June 17. The Pajama Game cast recording was nominated for a Grammy, after being released as part of Cavallo's double disc album Frank on Broadway.

Cavallo has released on many labels during his career, and is in the City in order to sign with Ouroboros Records.

Francis Xavier Cavallo


On the surface


The character grew up in the City. You can have a history with him if you grew up in the City, too. Maybe you went to the same church, the same school.

If you like romantic pop or jazz music, maybe you know him that way. Maybe you're a fan. Maybe not, of course. His player won't be annoyed if you don't recognize his face. But it would be a nice gesture if you could recognize his name, or his voice.