Vishous unexpectedly died, quietly in His sleep
at His home on the morning of
December 5th, 2014.

Though this nick does not bare His mark of V
my heart and body has and does.

For those kind enough to take the time to read this home page, Thank you.
Have gone through a very difficult loss; the loss of Vishous,
the other Owner of myself.
am realistic in the understanding of how this mind/heart/soul works.
That am bereft and moving slowly between the various levels of the grieving process.
Also, realize that my mourning period is going to likely be years
not weeks, not months but many years in the digesting
before real joy might return to ole' fire.

Will remain
Always and Beyond, V's fire.
And in the weary mass of my heart, will always be His.

This Mountain of a Man was Home, period.
Not my home, just the concept of home.
R/t is the Anchor of my life
Vishous was simply put,

For the sake of the reader, please read my verbal tone as kind and considerate,
it is how i'm wired.
Yes, i am real, not a fantasy, not a toy for dalliance, not a simple creature,
nor a character in a role playing scheme.

What this fire is... is Real.

am 60 years of age and a plain, wide hipped, 6' tall woman (who cleans up well) with dark auburn dyed, short curly hair (regrowth just like His, dagnabit. He dies and i get His hair, talk about a macabre payback), burdened with an alpha's personality but born to service. my life has been varied and have close to two decades in the lifestyle in realtime.
But be forewarned that the patience of old is beginning to have a waning edge.

Expectations for others behavior to be courteous and thoughtful might be reaching a bit, but after a year of extreme health complications and now, losing One of the two important Men in my life. A Man who helped make it worthwhile and fulfilling. Have come to a place where... will no longer settle for anything but what is the Best. Please, keep something in mind, Vishous was a part of both my virtual world and realtime world. He and R/t had begun to cement a friendship and was grateful for His frank, charismatic and often brutal nature.
Our friendship and M/s relationship was 20 years in the making.

Though this Wonderful Bastard did love the hunt, had made it clear to Him that i wasn't His prey, at least not on an emotional level. For the most part He'd kept all of His promises to me (No Man is perfect and He did make many errors, including errors and fabrications regarding His life which hurt and sadden His fire but this does not keep me from loving Him unconditionally)
am grateful and was blessed to have been owned by a Man who was trying to be a Man of honor.

"Rules of engagement" or as it's often called Interaction guideline:
R/t's.. and mine.
I.e.....What i will and will not do.

- Please, Do not make assumptions.
Endeavor to not make them on my end and appreciate when they aren't made by others.
- Do not touch me.
Not without previous agreement well ahead of time. If you wish to hug, ask, do not assume.
Unsolicited touch in my world can be a very dangerous thing.
- Please Do not randomly whisper without asking, Ask in public, beforehand.
Unless an agreement has been made between us ahead of time All whispers which are outside of these parameters will be responded to in the public room or politely ignored.
- Please, be aware that due to r/t training will not address you by anything but your r/t or v/t scene nick,
until after an agreement on your part and my request for a preference is made.
- Endeavor to understand that as per r/t training... that i will not discuss in public anything of a negative nature regarding any dominant, V or otherwise, Who has gifted me Their time.
- That am not here as your toy.
All interactions will be negotiated, so bring those skills to the table,
yes, even those who know me very well are asked to do the same.

- If you wish service, again please ask. Will gladly offer to serve... if appropriate but as in r/t,
if service is required, feel free to ask.
Unless am engaged in an in depth discussion will happily render service to those requiring it
and will work to make the service as realistic as possible.
But again, ask that you do not touch without a negotiated and established relationship is already in place.

- And no, will not have an "in the shadows" relationship with anyone.
If you wish to claim me via mutual consent... do so ....but it will be in public.
Any person to whom i whisper already has agreed or has my permission to do so.
If a relationship can't be out in the open and honest, will not participate in it, period.

- If unsure about anything, Ask.
Will endeavor to always answer questions frankly and honestly.

If seeking casual cybersex please look elsewhere.
This lifestyle can of course contain sexual or sensual content but on an initial contact the focus in my case is service.


(a defunct former nick)

(a defunct former nick)

His ~fire

His cockwhore

(couldn't bare keeping this one)

f ire


So that the reader knows,
will kindly but firmly object
to any and all unsolicited touch of a stranger.

f ire