Born in Torvaldsland a Free Woman of one of the lower castes, the daughter of a farmer.
Life went as it does on a farm, a life full of chores and hard work, assisting her Mother in the her duties of those on the farm and taking care of her brother and father. Life changed quickly when her mother died when she was 12 leaving her alone with two hard Free Men but such is the way of things upon Gor.
She kept to herself, learning her own craft, the tanning of hides, unique bead work,and jewelry making, thinking perhaps one day she could leave and make her own way on her own away from the farm.

But that urge to leave, to make her own way, came quicker than expected, the death of her father and her brother running the farm into the ground, wanting to avoid collar, by her brother selling her off to clear some of his debts she took off into the night, never to return. For a while she did travel, selling the wares that she did have, keeping clear of slavers and collars until she found herself in the city of Kassau, a band of steel placed around her neck by the Administrator, Raven Wolf.

Time will only tell how one born Free will adjust, how much different can it be from the life she led before.