Name : Errik Pennington
Age : 35
Weight: 255 #

. . . . . . . .

A human, unremarkable with no tapped talents save the ability to consume a lot of alcohol before becoming hopelessly drunk. When sober he is as normal as any other man in Miami but after he settles into his rum he begins to feel the call of the sea and he is in his mind Captain Pennington, Pirate, Swashbuckler and Prince of the oceans.He's got a little Captain in him, and if your a lucky lass, maybe you'll get a little Captain in you

OOC Note : consider the character a slobbering drunk most of the time, if you should find him sober please buy him rum at once, he is far more interesting that way. The player behind the character is willing to explore storyline opportunities and more than happy to sort out any kind of dispute through whispers or mailroom, to a mature and adult solution.