Name: Emmaline Christine Mayfair Age: Twenty something Weight: Curves in all the right places (a lady never divulges her numbers) Height: 5'5 Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Dark Brown Nationality: American and English

She was born in America, New York to be exact, the daughter of wealthy American businessman, Gerald Mayfair, and London Society beauty, Elizabeth Weatherington. They met and fell in love when Gerald sailed to England on business. They married in London, and Elizabeth of course followed her husband to America, where their first and only child, Emmaline was born. She was raised in a loving home and given the best of everything. Of course Elizabeth taught her daughter all the social graces of a proper English lady.

Sent to London to escape the unwanted advances of an obsessive suiter, Emma was taken in by her mothers maiden aunt, Lady Penelope Weatherington, who introduced the girl to Society and mothered her as if she were her own. When Lady Penelope passed away, she left her estate and fortune to her great niece, ensuring that Emma would be well taken care of. The only thing she'd failed to secure for the girl was a husband.

She lives on the Mayfair Estate..(Yes she changed the name because Weatherington was too much of a mouthful. All done legally of course)..with a household of servants who look after her like a mother hen looks after her chick.

That she enjoys all the trappings of wealth she can't deny. However she is no spoiled brat. Her parents and her aunt have seen to that. Emma is keenly aware there are those much less fortunate than she. As such she has, and continues to make donations to hospitals and orphanages to aid those in need. She also makes numerous donations to The British Museum and various other art and music foundations.

Emma is not the adventurous sort herself, but does love to hear the stories of others, living vicariously through them as it were. For a good enough story and cause, she could perhaps be persuaded to help fund it.

While she doesn't exactly look at the world through rose-colored glasses, she tries to look for the good in the people and things around her. That can be both a strength and a fault, and likely what gets her into trouble from time to time. Without trying (really, she doesn't) she has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, perhaps overhearing things she shouldn't. Such an occasion once got her stabbed. And no, she will not show you her scar! Really! The audacity!

It was while on a stroll through Hyde Park that she met the love of her life, Constable Jackson McCormack. The rest, as they say, is history. But who knows what adventures await?