Important OOC Note:
Lusus Naturae and emmaliene are loosely based off of Christine Feehan's Carpathian race, with
minor adjustments for storyline issues including bloodline/lineage adjustments and removal of certain
abilities in order to increase vulnerability. As such, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses differ
in some ways slightly and other ways greatly from those of vampires based off other genres. If you
have questions concerning these strengths, abilities and weaknesses please whisper or message the
player through the SOI mailroom and your questions will be addressed.

If anyone were to have any issues or complaints concerning emmaliene and did
not feel comfortable confronting her personally with these issues, please feel free to cont

Lusus Naturae, her Alma Gêmeo, within the mailroom or in whispers with these issues and
they will be addressed.

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