When it came to music, Elysia Winters was a world renowned child prodigy. Anything her fingers touched came to life within her care, every trembling and tenuous note created with the rich and full flavored, full bodied warmth of a life all it's own.

She was born into a family of musicians. They all made beautiful music, but none had ever created anything that could surpass what flowed from her fingertips.

They were supportive and loving family that fate picked off one by one. She toured, had tutors and played with... and for... some of the most renowned orchestras in the world.

Until that night in Berlin. The night she emerged from the Philharmonic Hall at Kemperplatz into a dark parking lot and was accosted by two men.

They broke her beloved Ebi'd... and she hasn't played the violin since.

They broke her spirit... and this might be even harder to recover than Ebi'd.

She tried to go on, but the more she tried, the more miserable she became and it reflected in her music so she took to spending more and more time in her home.

She collected the instruments most near and dear to her, most of them heirlooms that she still played, and retreated from the world into some place safer and more secure. Her livelihood as a musician and composer became her sanity's savior and hobby. And her hobby of song writing, those few songs she'd written and sold to various artists over the years when the mood had struck, this now became her new livelihood.

She's not sure how it happened. When it became so pronounced. She only knows that she's no longer able to get past the threshold of her front door. She's no longer able to leave her home. Somewhere along the line, she'd stopped trying and she'd locked herself away.

When mama died and Lexington came to live with her, she found herself in dire straights. She could barely fit Patience and Chloe in her too small apartment.... and now Lexington was coming to live with her too? Well he had to, didn't he? She couldn't bear to have him go to someone else.

Through internet connections, she found herself a broker and a representative. A female doctor from Boston willing to help her out and secure her a new place to live. She packed. She packed everything. And took vast amounts of Xanax to cope with the move across town into a larger place that could fit all of the family she now has living with her.

Her family of instruments... but no Ebi'd.


Elysia is a Synaesthete. This includes:

"broad band" sound --> color, taste, touch
emotion --> musical notes and tones

Elysia Winters is also an agoraphobic sociophobe. Although she's agoraphobic, there are ways to meet her if you're so inclined. If you want to have play and/or contact with her please contact the player behind the character in whispers or the SOI mailroom and the player will be happy find a way to make that happen.

This character was created without any pre-existing ideas concerning direction or storylines. There's no other players waiting in the wings. Fresh play and/or storyline ideas and interaction are welcomed by the player behind Elysia Winters.

All pictures of both Shannyn Sossamon and the second Unknown model used to represent Elysia Winters are used without permission for entertainment purposes only and not for profit.


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