Eliza grew up in Manassas, Virginia in a mainstream American neighborhood full of working class families. Her father worked in a local business in their IT department, her mother at the local hospital as a nurse. Eliza's three brothers were all older, involved in sports, and Eliza tagged along with them as one of the guys.

Eliza married her high school sweetheart right out of school. They traveled the country seeing all the wonderful things in the USA. After settling down close to home they had a wonderful life together until her husband Jimmy developed lung cancer at the age of 26. He passed quietly in his sleep two years later.

Eliza had never been far from home by herself. After Jimmy's death she withdrew from everyone she'd been close to, determined she to make her own way, learn how to live, and be her own woman. Eliza waited until she received the substantial insurance policy, searched and found the perfect business to purchase, and moved on with her life.

She found her way all right. The purchase of the Shady Acres Trailer Park was quite the challenge. A quaint spot with affordable Trailers and Cabins for rent, she worked hard and lived within her means and sunk all her energy into making the business work. The business took nearly all the she had leaving a little cushion for emergencies if she ran into one.

She negotiated her time spent at her nearby business. Made a few friends, learned the area, and began to enjoy the life she'd made for her. The town had all she could ask for as she didn't need much. Just her books, her business, and her peace of mind.

No one there knew of her past and she aimed to keep it that way. Jimmy's death was too sad to think about most days.

And then she met Jack!

Things changed after that! Selling the Trailer Park after a few good years of profit Jack and her moved on and wandered a bit. They found parts of the US and Canada neither had ever seen. They even made one European tour together spending months exploring the small intimate cities rarely traveled by regular tourists. They they found The City.

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