Name: Elise Meadows

Nicknames: Eli, Ells, and a bunch of others she only takes from certain people.

Age: 28

Date of Birth: December 22

Place of Birth: Rochester, New York

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5�6�

Weight: 112

Race: Empath, Telepath, Precognition

Occupation: Sous-chef

Family: Brad and Kelly Meadows (parents)

Brief History:
Elise�s childhood was what is best described as well� pretty average. You know, Friday night pizza night, Saturday morning cartoons, vacations at the beach, holidays with the whole family, slumber parties, that kind of thing.

Well, with one minor exception. Elise was always sort of extra sensitive to those around her and there were times when thoughts that weren't quite hers would come to mind, nights when she would dream of something, only to see it happen later on. It was never really something she thought much of, and something she didn't gain much control of until she was older, but on with the rest of the story.

From the time she was about 6, she was involved in one musical theater production after another. If you�ve heard of it or seen the movie version, she was probably in it at some point. So, in college, she couldn't imagine majoring in anything but theater.

After four years of preparing herself for this grand career in musical theater, she moved to New York City, auditioned for Broadway, and, miracle of all miracles, she made it. For a while, it was great, absolutely and utterly exhausting, but great.

After a while though, things began to wear on her and made her wonder if she really wanted to do this forever, at least on a professional level. Things like backstabbing and -highly- dramatic castmates who attempt sabotage in any way they can to get your role.

That, among other things, was what made her reconsider her career choice. So, after making a million lists of pros and cons, possibilities and ideas, she decided to try something else she�d always enjoyed: cooking.

She applied to New England Culinary Institute and was accepted, so she spent the next few years in Vermont, earning her BA in Culinary Arts. Her intention was to move back to New York City, work as a sous-chef until she got good enough to start her own place.

As always though, things change. She got a call from this -incredible- restaurant in Seattle, wanting her to come and be their sous-chef, an offer she couldn't refuse. So she packed up all her things and moved across the country by herself.

All was fine for a while, but a few months ago, she was out late one night after the restaurant closed. It was a nice night and she was walking back to her apartment, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, until she bumped into a man on the street. A man who turned out to be a vampire, and when she looked up at him to apologize, he entranced her with his gaze. That point is where the memories of precisely what happened grow vague, but she does remember waking up with bite marks.

What followed was days of police reports and phone calls and interviews. Since her memory of that night was pretty vague, RPIT wasn't able to track down the vampire or even guess at a suspect. A few more weeks passed without any problem, and she was actually starting to think that life was settling back to normal when she ran into him again, this time at a club. She refused to look into his eyes this time and managed to escape from him in the crowded club. Her description was much better after the second encounter, so hopefully this time RPIT stands a better chance of finding him.

After the first attack, one of her closest friends in the world insisted on moving to Seattle, on being here so that she would be safer. She's been scared, even though there are very few people to who she'd admit it, so when he not only offered but insisted, how could she refuse?

Celebrity Claim: Katie Holmes