Meet Lijah

Trailer Park Resident
Manager of the #r-ta@soi(Tits and Ass Dance Bar)

My given name is Elijah~jane, but most of my life I've been called Lijah.
Life's been tough, rough, and generally lousy for the most part but my husband
who I've been separated from for quite a number of years recently found himself
at the bottom of a river while working on the river boats.

So, here I am finding myself the lucky recipient of a quite wholesome
enough money I can rent me a furnished trailer in Lot # 13,
add some homey touches of my own and get on with livin'.

I'll introduce myself to you folks as I meet you. Until then, I look
forward to day when flowers peek up nice and pretty around
my newly found rented trailer and the bar-b-que I'm sure
I'll be having once I meet all of you.
I like to party! ~chuckling~ I'm a bartender by trade.
Unfortunately, drinking and men have always been my downfall.

When I moved, I got me a job up in Cartersville, Ga but that didn't work out.
I'm not the Manager of the T&A Dance bar just down the road from the Park.
Stop by and visit, I'll buy you a drink.
Come see me if you dare, and bring lots of dollar bills for the pretties

I'm as tough as they come, love a good bar fight but, I
hate confrontation. You'll find I'm a pussy~cat when home and relaxing.

Stop by, have a beer, smoke a j, and make yourself comfortable.
Enjoy my new front porch that's spread all the way down the front of my trailer.
It's house with 6 chairs, a large table and a huge grill. Don't forget to enjoy the porch swing!
When the weather cools in Rome, I hope you'll stop by and see me.


� Elijah~Jane@soi