Two people who share the same name.
Two people who share the same heart.
Two people who share the same soul.

Together, they define the term 'soulmates'.


One is Light.... She shines like a star.
Her smile is a diamond glittering in the dark.
Her mind is open.... Her heart is caring.
She is life, love, creativity, sensibility... She is illuminated from within.

One is Dark.... An endless abyss.
His gaze is knowing, satirical and jaded.
His mind always seeking.... His heart tired, aching.
He sees the end and he is its witness... its Darkness is a part of him.

Separate beings, opposite yet the same.
Separate lives kept apart by distance, time, responsibility and circumstance....
But bound together both in heart and soul.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


This handle, as described above, is used by two different, separate people. One is Male, one is female. We have distinctly different personalities. If you are confused as to which one you are speaking with you can refer to the avatar, which will indicate who is currently in control of the handle, or you can ask.

We (Elijah & Eliaza) have been rt friends for over sixteen years and have worked together to get through a number of different phases, trials, alterations and obstacles within our friendship. As a result, our relationship has developed a certain amount of complexity and a life of its own.

The basis of this relationship is love, respect, admiration and complete trust. We have come to an agreement that anyone within this realm who tries to tamper with that will find themselves promptly expelled from our lives.

The relationship we share is NOT BDSM in orientation. Although it can sometimes appear to be based upon a Dominance and submission structure, assuming either of us to be "in charge" over the other would be a mistake as we are both strong-willed individuals.

Last but certainly not least. This handle and the two people behind it are not bound to any certain 'area' or 'realm' of SOI/Hyperchat. If and/or when either of us visit a role play oriented room, we will represent ourselves as one of a set of (human) twins.

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