Ed O'Hara

A normal life, nothing theatrical.

High school baseball, academic scholarship to the Ivies, engineering, grad school comp sci.

Nice productive job for a big name company.

A little rainbow security code, a little cross-platform, a little hacking. Ok, more than a little. It's a hobby.

Then a couple of software patents go platinum, and all of a sudden I'm rebundling O'Hara Utilities into Big Brother and Little Brother. Yes, that's my antivirus you're running. Everyone is.

Don't worry. I still wear sandals in the winter, still recycle, still work for nonprofits.

And I keep my hand in. Recent clients incude HP, IBM, Google, the DOD, and, God help me, espn.com.

I geek for nonprofits for free. I geek for corporations at the standard gouger rates, and I'm fast, good, and discreet. And I do things I don't mention on my standard resume because ...

... I have a little problem with authority.

Still an independent consultant, but these days most of what I do is for SPA.

Phone is only if you hire me. Ok, or socially.

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