Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a Lithuanian America, born on January 20, 1933 to wealthy, Aristocratic parents. He and his sister, Misha, survived the attack that billed his family. Soon captured by deserters. The deserters canabalized Mischa, but Hannibal escaped only to be severely traumatized by his sister's death. Mischa's death would haunt Lecter for the remainder of his life. Hannibal explains that it destroyed his faith in God, and thereafter he believed there was no real justice in the world.

After the war, Lecter was found in an orphanage by his uncle and brought to Paris to live with his uncle and aunt. He excelled at the lycée, graduating early, and was the youngest person to enter a medical school in France. Lecter moved to America to accept an internship at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, where he graduated with a medical degree, and eventually settled. Lecter stablished a psychiatric practice in the 1970s. He became a leading figure in Baltimore society and indulged his extravagant tastes by influencing some of his wealthy patients to bequeath him large sums of money in their wills. He became world renown as a clinical psychiatrist, though he had nothing but distain for psychology.

Dr. Lecter was caught by the F.B.I. in April, 1975. They were investigating a series of murders in the Baltimore area by a canabalistic serial killer. The courts found Lecter insane, and he was sentenced to the Chesapeake State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Lecter was transferred to Memphis Tennessee as a result of his assistance in a serial murder investigation. He escaped from the Shelby County Courthouse. It is believed he is living in Florence, Italy.