Hello, and kudos to your for finding this home page. I own #r-hawtness. I opened it up after years of posting in #r-nylon, but I wanted to be able to post pics that were off topic from nylon, so I finally made a room of my own. More recently I opened #r-ktlss.

Anyone remember Trianca? I used to own Armpit 8 for those of you who go back that far.

I used to scene at the Milking clinic #r-mparlor. Dr Handy would like to be known as the Bob Ross of Porn.

I'm neither Dom nor sub, and I prefer subtle eroticism to harder core stuff - most of the time.

I have a kink for mother-son action and t-gurls but have not been able to satisfactorily combine the two. Send e-mail to kc_onan(atsymbol)hotmail(dot).com, which is also the IM account for Yahoo .

My tumblr is http://anyrume.tumblr.com/