A Character in the City RPG
Name: Dolores Ellen Riggs
Age: 23
Birthday: August 22
Height: 5ft2
Weight: 100 lbs, more or less
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde at the moment
Build: Slim and compact. Toned and strong, but not overly muscular. Dancer's body.
Occupation: Semi-retired ballerina, part owner of The City Ballet, Beach Dweller (of course that's a real job)
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Grace Addison, born Nov. 28, 2009, died less than six months later.
Family: Merideth Riggs, Mother. Thomas Riggs, step-father. Nicholas Riggs, step-brother and ex-husband. Don't ask...long story there. Parents are in Houston. Nick? God only knows...or cares.

History: Once upon a time in Houston, Texas, a whore got careless and pregnant by some nameless, faceless john. The result was a pretty baby girl with strawberry blonde hair. The whore got smart, and entered into a contract marriage with a rich Texas oilman, whose wife had just died in child birth. The contract included the parenting of both children, which, in thier twisted minds, meant boarding schools while the parents travelled the globe. It was a mixed-up childhood, dysfunctional as you could possibly get, the lines of decency being crossed almost daily. Dolly became Daddy's 'special' Princess, and Nick's teenage muse...and Mother's arch nemesis. Is it any wonder she became an alcoholic before she was nineteen?
Somewhere in all the turmoil that was her childhood, the girl discovered she could dance...more than that, even. She found she ~loved~ to dance. The music that so powerfully captured her heart and soul soon became like a second addiction. It was so easy to lose herself completely in the movements...to forget her life and everything about it and just move to the strains and melodies of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Bach.
She worked her way up, among the ranks of the corps de ballet, to the Principal Dancer of the City Ballet, where she reigned for years, leaping and soaring and piroetting for awe-struck audiences. The girl has incredible talent, according to every review. Unfortunately that pesky personal life keeps trying to take over, and these days, she dances only for herself, and sometimes for the six-year olds she teaches at the Ballet she now co-owns.
For her alcohol addiction, she tried AA..and for a long time, it worked. She was doing it..really she was, and having some modicum of success. But really..in the end, Jack Daniels is so much more powerful than she, and though he does not summon her often, when the nights are darkest and the days the most painful, he dances with her.
These days, one can find her at the #r-ballet(Studio) or at her beloved little #r-beachhse(house) on the beach and always with her best friend.

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