debbie's boy

debbie's boy aka db or debbie's cumboy is a pet and play-toy of ~ debbie ~ who's a Life Member and the Playground owner.

(type "debbie" in the Find Box to visit her.)

debbie welcomes any service that this boy toy can provide for the pleasure of her F/friends, F/family, G/guests and O/others in the State.

She invites complaints, compliments, or comments about the performance and training needs of her pet.

(N.B. There is a Playground Link for this purpose.)

"db" is slim and well proportioned ~ 6' tall, a reasonably firm and healthy 190 lbs and has a full head of short cut "salt 'n pepper", good teeth, no glasses, very well "equipped" (for a white boy) with an over 8" cut smooth penis.

He is almost shameless but he has a few "Hard Limits" No kids.

No permanent harm or disfigurement. db is completely heterosexual but this is not a hard limit.

He quite enjoys being feminized but in the context of a basically F/m relationship.

db is an eager fluffer and cleaner, an ideal cuck in many ways, who enjoys the crop and being made to cum with repeated slaps to the face. He is a thirsty pet and has a well-trained boicunt.

db is particularly attracted to bi-sexual women, be they Domme, S/switch, or submissive.

Allow debbie to serve Yyou sexually through his body.

Use him, and Enjoy!