db (aka debbie's boy) is a pet and playtoy of ~debbie, a Life Member and owner of the Playground (#r-debbie).

Though debbie has returned to r/t and only very rarely comes back to visit her former lovers, friends and pets in soi,

debbie has always welcomed any service that this toy of hers can provide for the pleasures of O/others in the State.

db is slim and well proportioned; 6' tall; a firm and healthy 190 lbs with; a good head of "salt 'n pepper"; good teeth; no glasses; and well "equipped" (for a white boy),

i.e., over 8" of "cut" and smoothly shaved penis.

db is almost shamelessly eager but has a few "Hard Limits", i.e., No children and No permanent marks or injury.

* * *

An eager fluffer and cleaner, db is a close-to-ideal cuck

who begs the crop and can be easily made to cum

with cummanding instruction and repeated face slaps.

A thirsty pet, db is particularly attracted to

bi-sexual Women, whether Domme, S/switch or submissive.

With debbie's blessing, allow her to serve You sexually through her boy and... Enjoy!