NOTE: This is partly a Work in Progress, especially with
regards to his personality. Getting him to come across
as insane and nutty as he should is going to be a
challenge, while still keeping him viable as a character.

Daric Rhuthun (dar-ik // Roo-th'n)

Race: Human
Nationality: British
Age: early thirties
Occupation: Guard
Celeb: Johnny Depp

Daric is a bit strange. Strange, as in a crazy, not-all-there sort of way.

He has been alone for a long time. And during most of his being alone, he has had nobody to talk to. He tends to go in cycles of talkativeness, and quiet. Dark haired, and considered handsome by many, he is not used to dealing with people at all. His voice is accented, and sprinkled with words that the everyday speaker does not use. However, all these things aside.... He can and will become fiercely loyal to those he trusts, and to those whom he sees as possibly benefiting him, or his Mission.


OOC: Daric is a Portal Guardian. And for all he knows, the last surviving one. Daric replaced a previous Guardian, as he himself had replaced one prior, and he one before him. Most Guardians serve from 400-500 years or so. It has been nearly 1500 for Daric.

Just before the Britons managed to throw off their allegiance to Rome, Daric volunteered, and was chosen to become a Portal Guardian. The history of the Portal Guardians goes back some 3800 years, back to the beginnings of the construction of Stonehenge.

About 1000 years ago, near when he would have been himself replaced, the Guardians at the three portals he knew of disappeared, all within a decade or two. In each case, Daric was aware that there was some sort of danger to the portal, and contact with the Guardian was lost soon after. Likely, they either had to flee the immediate proximity of the portal, or they were killed.

Around the same time, someone stole a Tome of great importance to the Guardians. This Tome contains information on the operation of the Portals, as well as granting new, willing candidates with the mantle of Portal Guardian. When the Tome was stolen, it triggered a "fail-safe" and sealed the chambers below Stonehenge, trapping Daric inside, with only his ability to see the surrounding area around the portal locations as a means of staying connected with the outside world.

Daric misses the other Guardians, as they were mostly his family for close to 500 years. And now, with 1000 years of solitude, and only being able to observed around each of the known portals a short distance, his sanity is all but gone.

But, very recently, the Tome was opened, and close enough to Stonehenge that he could sense it. All he knows that is in that general direction is a town called London. And all he remembers of it is that it has a stone wall around part of it, as well as having just been vacated as the Roman army leaves Britain (407 AD). So now, Daric is more alert, assuming that whomever has the Tome will come looking for the portal.

He frequently scans what can be seen around the other portals he is aware of, in Syria, Egypt, and a far-away land inhabited by a people who call themselves the Nazca.

Daric can communicate in English, with some accenting and odd word usages. He also had no problem communicating with the other Portal Guardians, though from discussion with them, he knew that they spoke different languages, and came from different walks of life in the areas close to the portals. They all surmised that the portals somehow translated their words for each other.
Mission: With the close proximity of the Tome, Daric is hopeful that maybe connection can be established with the outside again, as well as finding new volunteers to replace those lost at the other locations. Oddly, he does not include finding a replacement for himself. He is aware that after the next Guardian is selected for Stonehenge, he will begin aging anew, and live out the rest of his life more normally. What he has no way of realizing is, there very likely is nobody who can do these things.


Powers: --Daric is, for all basic intents and purposes, immortal. Barring another Guardian taking his place, or the destruction of the Stonehenge portal (And very likely the other portals as well) he will not die of old age. As it happens, he has not physically aged a day since he became a Portal Guardian. He is also likewise immune to disease and illness. He needs not eat, nor drink, though he can if he desires to. He has not however, eaten anything in close to 1000 years. There is a small natural spring in one of the lower chambers and he has been drinking from it, but more to have something different to do, than out of any need.

--He can sense the proximity of the Tome of Stonehenge when it is close to him, a hundred kilometers or so. And over any distance, he can sense when it has been opened. He is also immediately aware of any danger to any of the portals he knows of, and if there is danger to the Stonehenge portal he is whisked back to it if he is not there already.

--Daric underwent martial training in order to better defend the portal. Swords, hammers, and smaller implements like knives are known to him, as well as being stronger for his stature than would normally be expected. He knows nothing of guns or firearms, having completely missed that development...

--He can manipulate the views through the other portals he is aware of, in a relative close proximity. (550 feet). He has no knowledge otherwise of where they are, save Stonehenge, as he grew up in the area around it. However, besides knowledge of a small, stone-walled town called London, nothing else really remains from what he remembers....

--Daric can travel to other portals, using it just as he would allow others to use it, but only if he is accompanied when he goes, and only if someone else remains behind as a 'placeholder' to his status. This is one reason he was not able to go to the air of the other portals. He believes that there are other portals in the network, as the other Guardians he knew, did not all know each other, and also spoke of yet other Guardians he did not know. He also thinks that if other portals are found, and he has a connection to them in some way, he would be able to use his abilities there as well. But until there is a connection, even a portal in trouble will not send him a danger warning.

Daric Rhuthun (dar-ik // Roo-thin)

Race: Human, Enhanced
Nationality: British, Ancient
Age: approximately 1550 years .. Birthday: 16 February 374
Occupation: Portal Guardian
Celeb: Johnny Depp